2013 – Jan (Dallas)

January 16th, 2013

The following will be presented at the Jan 2013 meeting in Dallas

Forum 5: The DOE Buildings Performance Database – How Can It Help You and How Can You Help It?

Tuesday Jan. 29 1:00–3:30p Lone Star Ballroom C1 (CC2)

The DOE’s Buildings Performance Database is a decision-support platform
that enables engineering and financial practitioners to benchmark and evaluate,
through an actuarial method, energy efficiency retrofits in commercial and residential
buildings. In addition to the database, it has tools for Energy Performance
Forecasting Tool and Financial Forecasting. The Energy Tool provides, from
the peer group in the database, the energy savings probability distribution for a
building or portfolio of buildings based on a selection of different efficiency
measures. The forum is to stimulate discussions on making the BPD more useful,
and contributing data to the BPD to enhance its value.

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