January 21st, 2014

Membership Chair: Janice Peterson (

To reach Michele, send an email to membership(at) Or better yet, to to ASHRAE’s page on membership to start the process.

Those interested in participating in activities of TC 7.6 should plan to come to meetings of the subcommittees, where most of the work is done.

Current voting members are:

Voting Members (10) Organization Committee Position
Harry J Enck Commissioning & Green Build Solutions, Inc Chair
Bruce D Hunn Secretary/DASH Liason
William L Stanton Stafford, PE Newcomb & Boyd Handbook Subcommittee Chair
Kimberly Pierson DWG Member
Richard J Pearson, P.E. Pearson Engineering LLC Energy Management Subcommittee Chair
Adrienne Thomle Honeywell Member
Hashem Akbari, PhD Concordia University Member
Gary Andis NEMI Member
Xiufeng Pang, PhD  LBNL Member
David S Eldridge, Jr, PE, HBDP Grumman Butkus Associates Research Subcommittee Chair

Non-voting sub-committee chairs

SC Chairs
Organization Committee Position
Janice C Peterson ACS/BPA Vice Chair, membership
Dennis R Landsberg L&S Energy Services Monitoring and Energy Performance Subcommittee Chair
Jim Kelsey kW Engineering Webmaster
Davor Novosel NEMIC Standards Chair
Steven W Carlson XRG Analytics Program Subcommittee Chair


Full rosters are shown below.

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